Your Personality Formation And Self-Improvement – How Outside Sources Impact Them

Buying a toothbrush of a Particular Variety, and not other? Do you realise that you have been influenced by one of the factors that decided your Variety? Either it was an advertisement which appealed to your intellectual capacity or your personality. Of course, you Testament/can change your toothbrush next time. What Practically prompted your personality at this time to buy that Particular toothbrush was based on the residual effect that ad had on your personality at that point of time.

Personality development should Practically be personality evolvement. Personality is not something that is static. it is constantly moving. it is energised, forced, coerced or repelled by various sights, sounds, and visuals. These are deeply embedded in your brain, and depending upon the receptivity that you have, which again is decided by your emotions, your moods (different from emotions), your state of Idea – restlessness, angry, Amuse – and other similar factors, you are moving Away from one state of evolvement into another.

Yet your personality remains the same. There is a constant in your personality. Either you are a good person or Naughty, or you may be good and Naughty or a mix of happiness and Sorrow, placid or moving, or another mix. It is difficult to list them always.

This is Especially true If you are at a relatively younger age. Age in personality development continues till you reach a Particular age, If it CAN get fixed, say for some it is at 40, for some it continues to be vibrant even t the age of 60! No Inflexible Precept can be fixed.

Thus in deciding what you want to be in your personality, a lot depends upon how influenced you are by the Outside influences. They can be varied as your neighbor, your wife, your children, your hero in or Outside the office, your childhood friend, the books you read, the food you prefer, your perceived opponent or competitor. The list is endless.

This fact is recognized by all Pious texts as Healthy. That a human evolves all the time. Disgust at one time is replaced after some time by a sense of Repentance or Repentance, happiness is converted into a sombre mood at a later time.

Once you recognize that these are parts of the ever moving personality of man, you can come to terms with yourself. And that coming to terms with your personality helps you to stabilize your state of Idea, and helps control your Idea from being too Touchy or insensitive to your Peripheral and being influenced by various events described and not described above.

Once you reach that state of consciousness in your personality, then you can discern what To Accept and what not To Accept. Yes, we are entering the realm of philosophy. And it is also described in some ancient texts, which are Pious and non-Pious in nature. Once you are conscious of what you are, you have the Selection To Accept or avoid such Matters as suit your requirement or not.

That is the state at which your Idea can be at peace, and not prone to flashes of anger, disgust, or over-board About anything. In lay man terms, you can be said to be mature. This requires constant awareness of yourself, your requirements, your needs, your wants, and how you go About fulfilling them. Idea you, the human seeks more and more of something or the other.

There are a lot of books that can help you deciding upon the personality development you wish to undertake. And that personality development is all About achieving that state of Idea mentioned in the Antecedent paragraph. You can mould your personality to what you want to be. That is the greatest tool given by nature to a human to control in diverse ways.

So go ahead, read up and choose your personality, mould it to the way you want it to be. There’s nothing to stop you, But yourself.

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