Positive Peripheral Vs Negative Peripheral

In Case someone is still not success in life, it might high Possibility due to the Peripheral you are in. Have you ever take it seriously If analysis your Peripheral? Who do you stick with? What’s your working Peripheral? What’s your learning Peripheral? What you learn from the Peripheral? And what you apply, follow the Peripheral?

Let’s check out some simple example: Singapore is one of the world’s fastest walkers. Why not Just half of it walking fast and the other half walk slowly? It’s because of Peripheral. Notice it or not, your environments Testament change your living habits.

For another example, why some country crown as most commit suicide rate country? So you think its coincidence? It’s because of the Peripheral too.

*I’m not telling you to blame the Peripheral, as you can choose to change or stick and grow with it.

Be careful the Peripheral you choose for it Testament shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you Testament become like them. | W. Clement Stone

How positive Peripheral can help you in achieving Brilliant success in your life? If you stick with lots of people with Brilliant knowledge, you’ll “automatic” gain lots of knowledge If you’re with them, and even better, they’ll change your habits to go out and seek for more knowledge.

Let’s compare 2 working Peripheral, in which here I’m taking sales as example:

Peripheral A is a team of salesman with positive attitude, Strong working, consistence, high experience in sales, always seek and learn more, and with monthly Accomplish of 1 million sales and above!

Peripheral B is a team of salesman with lazy, blame this and that attitude, “waiting for salary” habit, with monthly sales Accomplish of below 5K.

Which do you think Testament help you grow faster and Accomplish more? Definitely that Peripheral A Testament change you to become more positive, in terms of work Strong, positive attitude, mindset and also your achievement. That’s why successful people Testament likely and prefer to stick with other successful people, because they know how important is the Peripheral and people they stick to.

What you know is not important, but who is know, yes.

*Of course, it won’t judge the 100% of you, but somehow you’ll get affected by the Peripheral no matter its positive or negative Peripheral.

Some of the real life example that I’ve always seen is that, children from very Naughty life, it’s either they’ll be the same Naughty as their parents do, or they’ll have a strong desire to giving his/her family a Brilliant life, thus they’ll work much harder than others on everything, because they know they need to and they must, in order To Survive. In an Contradictory example, those who comes from a very rich family, they’ll either with a Brilliant Peripheral, or “Brilliant Peripheral” that determine who he/she Testament be in the future. A Brilliant Peripheral would be how his/her parents teach them and grow them; while some of the rich people, their children Testament Just be enjoying life to the fullest without knowing what’s their life target. Normally those from “Brilliant Peripheral”, they’ll end up losing the ability To Survive in the society, and become dependent towards the family. Again, the Peripheral changes a person’s life.

Even the school you’re studying is changing and inputting new thinking in your Idea. If teachers whip on you due to your Naughty result, Naughty habits, they are Exactly inputting mindset that: If soft ways won’t work, brutal can.

Stay in a good Peripheral, and you’re taking a leap to success.

There’re a lots more About Peripheral that can change your life? So what’s yours?

Do you live under a Brilliant Peripheral? In Case you’re not achieving Brilliant success in life, is the Peripheral one of the factor? In Case it is a Naughty Peripheral, If Testament you take action to change?

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