MyCyberSale 2016

Malaysia is about to organize a mega event, it is MyCyberSale 2016. This an online shopper festival which would be organized by the MDeC, or Multimedia Development Corporation. The primary objective of this event is to promote the economy of the country and offer goods of superior quality to the customers. This is supposed to be a 5-day event which is scheduled to commence on the 28th of September and would last till 2nd of October. Last year, this event featured 280 e-sellers, this year the number has increased to 400! This clearly indicates the magnitude and scale of this event.
An Increase in Web Traffic

As mentioned, compared to last year, the number of e-sellers would be much more, as the result, the organizers are expecting an increased volume of web traffic. It is expected that this year the numbers of visitor would increase by 222%! In terms of figures, there could be 4.7 million visitors this year. Out of these visits, a conversion rate of 6% is expected which would amount to a transaction of more than 2,77,0000. It is also being estimated than more than half of the traffic would come from a mobile device.
Excellent Numbers
In terms of sales, a total of RM67 million is expected to be recorded from more than 18000 online shoppers, which would be way beyond the initial expectation which was set to RM50 million. The organizers are expecting a record number of sales this year which would pave the path for future success of this particular event.

Increased Numbers compared to Last Year
• In terms of website traffic, a staggering 500% increase is expected
• In terms of new visitors, it is expected that the figure would go up to 300%
• When it comes to the average order value, RM101.64 is on the cards
• Talking about the mode of payment, it is expected that nearly 65% of shoppers would pay through online transfers,

5% through ATM transfer and the remaining 30% through debit and credit cards.
All these facts and figures have been speculated by the organizers after running a cooperative analysis of the previous year’s trends. The fact that this year more sellers would participate in the event has made the organizers believe that there would be a much-increased rate of participation. They also expect that buyers from other countries in Asia would also participate in this event, which would ensure more advertisement and branding

A Couple of Useful Tips for the Sellers
In order to get the best out of this event, the sellers are advised to follow the followings:
• To include sufficient and safe payment options on their site
• To make sure that their websites are complete and all the product policies have been clearly stated
• They must make sure that their websites are mobile responsive
• The website speed must be good enough

The MyCyberSale 2016, has already become a topic of discussion in Malaysia and with a couple of days to go, the excitement is at its peak.

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