Bus From Johor To Mersing

Mersing is a small town located towards the east coast of Johor State of Malaysian Peninsula. It is a semi tourist town which is well-known for its passenger boat jetty. The route distance from Johor to Mersing is about 136 kilometers. The coastal highway has all the possible modes of commutation available, like Rental Cars, Taxis or Bus Services. Travelers can go by cars or taxis but the most convenient and affordable method is to board a bus for chosen destination. There are numerous bus companies operating on this route from Johor to Mersing. These buses take up east coast highway to reach Mersing. Since, the local people also travel in these buses along with the tourists, therefore despite of many buses on this route; the buses are mostly unavailable if they are not pre booked.


Bus from Johor to Mersing takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. The time taken is tentative, and largely depends upon traffic on road. It is essential that the travelers book their ticket via EasyBook as the direct buses are very limited from Johor to Mersing. Most of the buses start from Larkin Terminal in Johor to Mersing Bus Terminal, and if a traveler needs to plan further to Tioman Island then the bus and ferry should be pre booked online to avoid any differences in time as well.



There are many buses operating from morning till night. The buses start from as early as 800 hrs till 1230 hrs. Some of the bus services that operate in this route are shown below:
1. Starmart Express
2. Superior Coach & Tour
3. Transtar Travel Pte Ltd
4. WTS Travel & Tours

All the buses are well equipped with latest facilities having arm rest and big room for legs for ensuring rest while journey. Some of the premium bus services give travelers the opportunity to choose the pick up point according to their convenience.


In earlier days, valuable time of travelers was sacrificed in booking lines and counters. The exhaustion created used to eat up all the energy to explore the tourist spot. With the aid of Internet it is now possible that the travelers can now book their tickets in advance and can reduce the needless wastage of energy and time. Many times, agents force customers to buy tickets at higher rates in urgent situation. Travelers can avoid such situation by booking their tickets through www.easybook.com. Travelers should also book their return trips from Mersing as at times the buses are overcrowded, and it might become difficult to obtain tickets in rush. Travelers can book their trips as early as a month before and make most of their trips. The easy booking method and advance arrangements will make the travelers’ trip a wonderful experience to memorize.

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Bus services from Johor to Cameron Highlands

Coach Bus Services From Johor To Cameron Highlands

Johor probably needs no introduction, it has gained an up trending popularity among tourists over the last few years, thanks to its natural beauty.

kuala lumpur view
Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia is a breathtaking destination encompassing a myriad of exciting natural attractions with mouth-watering blend of Asian culinary.

Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s most extensive hill station covered with winsome foliage and it serves home to several diverse species of flora and fauna, thereby possessing a significantly unique ecosystem. You can always find cheap and affordable bus from Johor to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

C S travel and tours is one of the best and award winning bus companies in Singapore. It ensures comfort and lavishness to its travelers. The company operates for Cameron Highlands at six different timings which is very convenient for a traveler. It starts in the morning at 10.00 followed by a trip at 10.30 and 11.30; two different timings in the noon i.e. at 13.15 and 13.45 and then at 15.00 in the evening. It takes a round-trip to Kuala Lumpur in the morning at 8.30 followed by a second trip at 11.00. In the noon it takes a ride at 15.00 and lastly, in evening at 17.30. The fares for the ride are MYR40 for a child and an adult each.

uniti express bus

Unititi Express is a popular luxury coach available for the passengers which takes them on a drive at 8.30 and at 10.15 in the morning and at 13.30 and 15.45 during the mid-day. It has its return journey which is scheduled at 8.45 and 11.00 in the morning and at 13.45 and 16.35 in the afternoon. It costs MYR35 for an adult and a child each.
After reaching Kuala Lumpur, you can book your seats for Johor Bahru which costs you below MYR40. Coaches like Maju Express, Supernice Grasslands, KPB Express, Transnasional, LA Holidays, Eagle Coach Snd Bhd, Pacific Ekspress, etc are readily available.

Yes, it is a long journey but with the ease offered by easybook.com, it is as easy as pie, to book tickets online by availing hale and hearty discounts and trip in an opulent way. Easybook.com ensures you to nurture your expectations and to meet them flawlessly. It has shown revolutionary changes in the ways to journey with huge range of services they provide and attractive packages they give to their customers.

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